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Its these small things that can make your mood go from a hundred to zero. Time to end this bullshit, Im so done with it.

" I know I have a heart because I feel it breaking. "

- Wizard of Oz. Dir. Victor Fleming. (via wordsnquotes)

My day is getting worse by the hour..

Looked like a rape victim when I went home this afternoon and had people looking at me with a weird sympathy. My hair is like dreadlocks and drier than Ive ever seen it.

Got changed, went shopping, decided to not wear underwear under my lace dress cause the panty lines always show… Long story short, the dress lining rode up so much that my bare arse was on show to the whole supermarket which I didnt notice until I got home. It was noticed by a man though that kept following me around the shop staring at my butt.

And now my cat has pissed on me.

Fuck you universe.

I guess choke marks are the adult version of love bites.

And they’re both equally annoying to cover up, sigh.

My Louis <3

Beer has vitamins. No need for supplements.


destroyed by Rosanna Jones

Sigh. Its not the dieting I mind, its the constant cramps in my legs and feet that come with it. Gotta get some vitamin supplements before I go crazy!


Do you ever see someone and think oh my god I would like to be responsible for your next orgasm